Phase Three

What is the Recreation Phase?
Phase three is Recreation. Time to re-create who you are!
Time to hit the reset button, make room for rest and play. When something isn’t working, give yourself permission to try something different.
If you scored low in this category then it’s time to get out there – do something new, recharge and above all, have fun!
Are you in the Recreation Phase? You can take the quiz to find out in just 3 minutes which phases you’re in!

Your key actions

In The Recreation Phase

Do something different try something new. Anything. Just try it not judgement.
Get your body moving in any way it enjoys.
Happiness is temporary. Joy is a state of being.
How can the quiz help?
Your overall scores give you a clear understanding of how well you’re doing in creating work-life harmony in your life right now.
The individual scores show you how well you’re doing within each of the phases of The Elevation Approach.
From Preparation to Inspiration; Recreation and finally Transformation.
The Elevation Approach is a foolproof four-phase plan that will help you meet your goals without sacrificing joy for productivity and progress.

What’s Your Work-Life Harmony Score?