March 2018: Talking With Tina


I love the Spring! I’m a spring baby (April 20th) and I love the feeling of freshness and renewed energy that comes with this season. You’ll notice we’ve spruced up this newsletter, and we have so many other exciting things to come this year.

I’ve just started working on a new book (my first in five years), As I continue to focus on ways I can help women launch, grow, and lead companies, this book seems like a natural addition to the tool kit. It will be full of advice from my supertribe.

Speaking of supertribes, I’m excited to share this interview with you from my dear friends Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh, authors of the new book SuperConnector. Scot and Ryan are the co-founders of the CommunityCo, which builds communities like the Young Entrepreneurs Council and Forbes Councils. They spend their days helping people find their tribes, and they’ve written the definitive guide on the new way to network.

Later this spring, Lauren Maillian and I will launch Stage Your Startup: How To Raise The Cash You Need, a course designed for entrepreneurs who need to know the basics of raising money and want a resource guide. In my column, 5 Min WithLauren discusses her path into entrepreneurship, how she stays centers, and her best advice for budding entrepreneurs.

I have to admit, I’m still floating after seeing Black Panther twice (I’d see it many more times), so I decided to write about three marketing lessons we could take from the film.

Happy Spring! xx