June 2018: Talking With Tina


Summer is peeking its head out, finally! This weekend I was able to step back and spend some quality time with my family in the sun. Relaxing in my backyard and helping me niece paint her new playhouse, I realized that it’s in those moments of decompression, presence with those I love that my big creative ideas come to me. Whether it is ideas about the characters in my book series, or the most innovative way to work with my new client it seems to be whenever I am not working and not thinking about the many responsibilities ahead, that the rich ideas come to fruition. Over the past weekend, while watching a drop of purple paint fall from the playhouse onto the grass, I realized my most inventive idea yet for my new project that I have been keeping very hush hush. And while I can’t yet disclose what this new business endeavor is, I can promise it’s one that has my community at the forefront that I hope all of you will be as excited about as I am! Announcement is coming soon…I promise…. stay tuned!

Check out my free audio course up on the site “12 Questions Every Business Plan Must Answer” for all of you that have business ideas that you want to make reality. My apologies that the course Stage Your Start Up: How To Raise The Cash You Need with Lauren Millian is not yet up on TW.com. We had some major last minute lesson plans that we wanted to add and didn’t want to rush publishing without perfecting. It will be up in the next few weeks, definitely look out on social.

Please scroll over to 5 Min With Nancy and Sheri, both women are inspirations to the community and myself. Nancy Hala has spent over 20 years as the go-to brand strategist, writer and creative director for Fortune 500 companies. Sheri Salata worked alongside Oprah Winfrey, serving as the final executive producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Together these two incredible women have created STORY, a female-led media company producing for print, TV, film, digital platforms and live events. Absolutely worth the read!