July 2018: Talking With Tina


Somehow we are already at the end of July! Who else agrees the summer has flown by? I have many exciting new endeavors coming up. On September 16, 2018 I will be speaking at the the Real Talk Summit in Vancouver. I will be joining a panel to discuss the Future of Women in Leadership, and it couldn’t be happening at a more appropriate time in history.

Currently, I am in the middle of teaching my annual business summer class at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where I sit as Academic Director of Leadership in the Business World. Teaching is my favorite part of summer; I feel privileged to meet, teach, and guide the next leaders of our world. Teaching enables me to think further, and work harder, to become the best leader I can be, and this year it has intersected with my own side project which I have hinted at over the last few months. Reflecting on the last 22 years in the business world in conjunction with thinking of the world tomorrow with my students, I see how the demographics of leaders are changing, and quickly. I see the increasing rate of women-owned businesses and women of color owned businesses. In fact, between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114%, compared to a 44% increase among all businesses — a growth rate more than 2.5 times the national average… now, if that’s not a sign the world is changing then what else is! Amongst this 114% increase, firms owned by women of color grew at more than four times that rate (467%). And as of 2017, minorities accounted for 46% of all women-owned businesses (an estimated 5,400,100, employing 2,105,900 people and generating $361 billion in revenues). The trend is clear, not only the future, but the current is looking much different than it has historically. It is time for women of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in business magazines, and that’s why I decided to start one.

I have been working profusely with my amazing team, and it has taken a lot to keep this endeavor secret until now, but it is a project that is close to my personal passion to help women launch, lead, and grow companies. Elevation Magazine: The Ultimate Work Journal will launch this September. It is a magazine for women craving more from work and life, that showcases the leaders of today and that will inspire the leaders of tomorrow. The Elevation Work Journal will not only feature stories of female entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and tell the stories of how they got to where they are today, but it also provides an interactive component for all you beginning to brainstorm your own side hustle. The Elevation Work Journal is part of an even larger project of mine, Elevation Tribe. The Elevation women are all of you out there seeking to start your own business and take ownership of your time and your life. Entrepreneurship has defined the life that I live and it is my goal to help other women who want more from life to join in.

I am so excited to announce Elevation, and so grateful for the tribe I have thus far. Let’s grow our community together and help elevate every woman. Stay up to date on TinaWells.com, social media, and my newsletter to get updates on the magazine distribution and for the launch of ElevationTribe.com… there is so much more to come… stay tuned…