January 2018: Talking With Tina


Hi there! January is the month of new beginnings. On the East Coast, it’s also the month of snowstorms, which happens to pair nicely with much needed days of journaling, goal setting, and vision boarding.In my industry, January launches with a bang and more events than I can ever keep up with. One of those big bangs was watching my client, FIGS, a medical apparel company, raise $65 million in its most recent investment round making it the 4th-largest raise ever for a female-founded company (read all about it on Forbes.) Talk about major excitement!

This year I’ll also be releasing a series of tools that I hope will be helpful to you on your journey to entrepreneurship (or that passion side project). I have a free audio course coming soon that will guide you in answering 12 questions that will help you figure out if it’s time to launch that new business or passion project. Stay tuned.

Despite all the busyness already in 2018, I’ve set a few intentions, focused on creating beautiful things, having adventures, and being present. So if I don’t make it to every conference or event, it’s totally fine with me. If I’m not creating, I know I’ll feel totally out of whack, so I’m focused on giving myself the space I need to innovate. I’m sure that seems like a lofty goal for a woman who manages just a few businesses, but I promise you, getting to a place where you can think clearly, lead intentionally, and bring big ideas to life is the way to go.

January brings some exciting news and transition for me. I’m excited about my appointment to the Executive Committee at the Franklin Institute, one of America’s most celebrated museums focused on science and technology.

Millions have been delighted by our exhibits ranging from Jurassic World to Terra Cotta Warriors. I’m thrilled to be also leading the Programs, Marketing, and Business Development Committee. I am serving with some of the most brilliant leaders in the city of Philadelphia, if not the world. The institute is a place that excites students about science, and that’s something that’s deeply important to me. If you’re in the city of Philadelphia this year, please stop by the institute – I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you have ideas for the institute or suggestions on ways we can partner, please reach out!

This newsletter and the website were inspired by my Henry Crown Fellowship at the Aspen Institute. Being named a fellow was truly a highlight for me in 2017. Living up to the fellowship is something that will truly take my lifetime. It’s given me the space to think about what it really means to be a leader, and how to lead intentionally.

Someone else who has shown us how to lead with intention is my good friend Anjali Kumar. In addition to being the new Chief People Officer and General Counsel at Cheddar and formerly the Founding Counsel and Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker, the Brooklyn born first generation Indian American is also an author, attorney, and advisor. I was lucky to talk to her about her new bookStalking God: My Unorthodox Search For Something To Believe In. In the book she documents her spiritual pilgrimage to tackle the eternal question, “What is the meaning of life?” She went to Peru to learn from shamans, practiced transcendental meditation and even worked with a medium to try to contact the dead. She attributes her demanding roles at Warby, Google and Cheddar for giving her the ability to hold herself accountable for completing the book. “Think of your week almost like a bank account and try to not overdraw in one area during the week. And if you do, then just try to make a deposit in that area the next week.” Read the whole interview here.

Wishing you a 2018 filled with intention, adventure, and your deepest desires.