December 2018: Talking With Tina


Winter has become my favorite season of the year. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely hate the cold! But I love everything winter brings. I love spending time with my friends and family celebrating the magic of the season. But I also love that winter brings us time to reflect, prune, assess, and realign.

For the last few years, my New Year’s Eve (day) tradition has been to reread Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I buy a fresh notebook each year and go through the entire exercise to get to my core, desired feelings for the year to come. It is quite the touchy-feely exercise for someone who prefers to spend her time thinking more than feeling! But every year I get to the place I need to be, feeling exactly what I need to feel for the year ahead.

Like Danielle, I like to share one or two of the words I’ve chosen, but keep some sacred just for me. This year two of my core desired feelings were adventure and vibrant. I don’t like doing things outside of my comfort zone (and when I do them, it’s normally with people I’m very comfortable with), so this year I focused on saying yes to every great adventure I was offered.

Feeling vibrant was as much about me as it was my space. I spent a lot of time and energy renovating my space to reflect more of who I am. I also realized that what I wasn’t was a traditional office dweller, and I decided at the end of August that we’d close our offices and the team could relocate to WeWorks of their choice.

I can’t believe how easy it was for me to make this decision. It no longer felt fun to work in that office, it felt stifling. I started my company in my parents’ home when I was a teenager and working up to an office felt like such a big accomplishment, but I realized it was no longer accomplishing what I wanted it to.

So what do you need to let go of right now? ‘Tis the season. Shed what no longer fits, meditate on those big decisions, slow down, and marvel at the magical moments the season brings. Here’s to a merry season that brings us all the clarity we need in the new year.

Happy holidays,