The Elevation Approach for Business

tinawells · February 17, 2023

Starting a business may be your life’s dream, but it doesn’t have to be your life’s work. I can help you get your big idea ready to launch in just 30 days. I’ve cracked the code on how to build a business while keeping yourself sane. This course will empower you to become the entrepreneur of your dreams. The Elevation Approach for Business is my no-fail, stress-free formula for launching a business, and now, that formula is yours!

This formula includes:

  • Business Feasibility & Preparation: finding your place in the market, creating space for your business, legally setting up, and managing your finances
  • Drawing Inspiration from Your Ideal Client to Build an Irresistible Offer: meet your perfect customer, develop your pitch, create a customer journey, and develop your 30-day launch plan
  • Redistribution Tasks & Making Space for Recreation: build your team on any budget, and relax
  • Implementation: deploy your systems
  • Analyzing Your Launch for Profit Transformation: scale your business, and pivot toward profits
  • Scaling: keep the cycle going

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