Beyond The Book

tinawells · February 7, 2023

The Elevation Approach is a one-stop solution to work-life harmony. Book purchasers are invited to go Beyond the Book with this on-the-go audio course. Find instant elevation and extra encouragement to take on the day-to-day speedbumps that arise on your journey to finding work-life harmony. When you navigate each day with intention, you’ll find that the anxiety induced by the tasks on your busy to-do list can be eliminated by referring to these mini-lessons anytime they need quick frameworks for actionable inspiration. 

These frameworks include:

  • Daily Work-Life Harmony Exercise: audit your schedule with the intention to create instant harmony throughout the day
  • Preparing For Future Work-Life Harmony: strategically plan ahead to help your future self experience work-life harmony with ease
  • Preparing For Your Current Season: answer the tough questions to see if your idea is feasible, and gather resources to make it happen
  • Finding Inspiration In Your Current Season: connect to a deep sense of joy by finding what ignites your sense of creativity and imagination
  • Pausing For Recreation In Your Current Season: make time for activities purely for personal enjoyment
  • Transforming Through Your Current Season: check in with yourself to assess how things are going
  • Pay Attention!: shake up your routine to get into the right state of mind for the tasks ahead

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