August 2018 : Talking With Tina


August is the month I look forward to most each year. It’s a precious time I carve out for birthing new projects, improving existing processes, and learning new things. It’s also normally the only time I can consistently spend weeks at home – my favorite place to be. It was even sweeter this year since I just survived the most painful renovation process (if you’ve been there, you know my pain!).

I was able to carve out two really special weekend retreats hosted by women and companies I love: Camp No Man’s Land (courtesy of The Wing) and The Pillar Life Retreat (hosted by my friends Sheri and Nancy, creators of the This Is Fifty With Sheri and Nancy Podcast). Camp No Man’s Land was hosted in the Adirondack’s, and it was the first time I spent time there – it’s normally a drive by on my way to Vermont for a Fall weekend. The activities were great (double-dutch!) and the women were even greater.

1440 Multiversity played host to our Pillar Life retreat last weekend. It’s a gorgeous campus where the main attraction is a 1200 year old tree (yes I hugged the tree…everyone hugs that tree!). The weekend was filled with amazing talks from Deepak Chopra, Sheri Salata, Nancy Hala, Kris Carr, Dani Shapiro, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Each teacher took us through the pillar life (truly amazing stuff, which you can find at The theme of the weekend (and really of Sheri and Nancy’s entire brand) is that “you are what you dream.” What a beautiful message!

As summer winds down, I’m getting ready for my favorite time of the year: Autumn. There is something so magical about a season of harvest. It reminds me of the cycle of entrepreneurship. First you have the coldness and darkness of Winter, where you incubate your idea and continue to refine. Then there’s Spring, which gives you your first energetic push! Next comes Summer, which can feel a bit exhausting at times. It’s full of sweat and pockets of relaxation. And then comes Autumn, a time to celebrate everything you’ve spent time cultivating.

This Autumn will see the birth of my new brand Elevation and our online community, Elevation Tribe. We’ve spent almost a year designing this new platform. So what is it, exactly? It’s content, community, and experience focused on women of color who want to launch, grow, and lead companies. The short answer- it’s as if you’re eavesdropping on the 10pm business conversations I have with my friends where we’re giving each other advice and helping each other with the tough stuff.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the magazine, which launches October 1st! I can’t wait to tell you more about it. We’ll begin to debut content from the magazine in next month’s newsletter.

Wishing you a lovely Labor Day Weekend!