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Editor’s Note Elevation Tribe

By Tina Wells

I became an entrepreneur long before I got my driver’s license or even moved into my college dorm. In the mid-90s, there weren’t too many people who looked like me, doing what I was doing. While it was an exciting time for me, it was also incredibly lonely. I got my business advice from magazines and TV shows and eventually professors on campus.

I don’t want the next generation of career women – specifically women of color – to have to go through the same feelings of loneliness, showing up in rooms where no one looks like them or understands their unique issues and challenges.

Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate to cultivate a fantastic tribe of women who understand my unique challenges, who have also become incredibly successful in their chosen fields. After a late-night conversation with one of my tribe members, discussing a pressing business issue, I had a thought: how could we replay the conversation we just had for other women? We’d spent an hour deconstructing a significant business issue and had solved it by the end of the call. That advice could have been helpful to other women.

That was the beginning of Elevation Tribe, a platform created with a focus on women of color to help us launch, grow, and lead companies. In this new LinkedIn newsletter, we’ll be featuring women from this incredibly diverse, resourceful tribe and their advice for solving business issues, growing your business, and cultivating a career you’ll love.

I am so excited to have you as a subscriber and new tribe member. The Elevation Tribe team is committed to helping you launch, grow, and lead in your career and life.

What resources are most important to you as you launch, grow, or lead a company? Comment below!