ICYMI–4 Things That Will Give You Hope Right Now

Elevation Tribe Inspiration

The news is heavy right now. But the world is not all evil. The goal of protests and marches is not violence, it’s change. There have been moments of hope in the middle of what seems like chaos, even though these moments may be harder to find amongst the more jarring news headlines. Below, here are a few images that have shown the hopeful side of change:

Killer Mike’s appearance at an Atlanta mayoral press conference after looting in Atlanta reminds us that bigger change comes from organization and planning, not destruction. 

This story of a police officer in Flint, MI marching with protesters reminds us that some cops are on the right side of social justice.

This image taken by a Detroit photographer will remind you how much we can learn from the unbiased love of children.

The profile of the Harvard educated, African-American birdwatcher in New York City that a racist white woman called the cops on will remind you that grace in the face of evil is difficult but heroic.