Mamie McDonald: How She Built a Popular Skincare Brand—and How She’s Maintaining it Through a Crisis

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What does it take for Jay-Z to trust his skin to you? Mamie McDonald knows. The owner of Skin by Mamie has served A-listers including Mr. Carter, Angela Bassett, Yara Shahidi, Kerry Washington and Iman for more than 30 years. 

Recently her business, like millions of others, was thrown into a tailspin when she was forced to close her midtown Manhattan office because of a mandated quarantine in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But McDonald marches on. She has been dishing out great advice on skincare and revealing how she’s managing her business from home on her Instagram feed.  

Before the outbreak, she shared how she became a facialist to the stars in the latest issue of Elevation magazine. Check out the latest issue of Elevation magazine here and follow Mamie McDonald on Instagram for more skincare tips.