How This Executive Landed A Corner Office By Mastering The Art Of A Deal

Elevation Tribe

After two months of economic turmoil amidst the coronavirus outbreak, work has been completely upended. Millions of people across the globe have been laid off, furloughed, or are pivoting business plans to adapt to the new environment. No matter if you own a business or work for one, you will have to think about how to reposition yourself in this new work environment and advocate for yourself from the strongest position possible. 

Michele Thornton Ghee can help. A master negotiator, she’s held top leadership positions in media for companies including CNN, A&E, The Weather Channel, BET and more. We profiled the exec and author in the latest issue of Elevation magazine, and her tips on negotiation and selling yourself will be tools you’ll need to help you navigate your way to success when the world is open for business once more. 

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