What I did During My Quarantine

Editor’s Note Elevation Tribe

Staying safe and staying healthy are the top priorities during your quarantine, but we have a feeling our tribe members may have also chosen to stay productive. Productivity looks different to all–some may have launched business or learned a new skill while home, others might have caught up on some much needed rest. Below, we’re sharing what we’ve been up to during our own quarantines.

Tina Wells, Founder, Editor in Chief

About a month ago, I read Kimberly Snyder’s book “The Beauty Detox Solution.” Since then I’ve had a Glowing Greens Smoothie (GGS) every morning and have also given up meat! It was quite an unexpected thing. I’ve had fish about three times over the last month (I went 3 weeks purely plant-based) and I definitely think I’ll maintain this moving forward.

On the activities side, I’m doing more yoga, Tracy Anderson Method, and experimenting with calligraphy! I’m also hard at work on a new book series that’s going to be announced very soon. Can’t wait to share.

The thing I’m most hopeful for after we get through quarantine:

I think we’re all learning valuable lessons right now. I am most hopeful that we don’t forget them and embrace our new normal

Stephanie Smith, Editorial Director

I live in the Dominican Republic after my family and relocated here last year, and we’ve been on quarantine–schools closed, only essential businesses open–since March 15. Shortly after, the government ordered a 5PM curfew, ordered our beaches and rivers closed and banned surfing and kite-surfing. That said, we get outside when we can. We take our daughter for walks around the neighborhood and take a dip in our pool often. I became a yoga instructor last year, and since the quarantine I’ve been teaching clients online when possible. I’m also enrolled in an online 300HR yoga teacher training course with my instructors at Rise + Vibe Yoga. Though the online learning method requires more focus and flexibility to navigate things like spotty internet connections and interruptions from you children, I love the deep dive into yoga and meditation during this time–I need it to help keep me relaxed during the pandemic! 

I’ve also been writing a ton–for my blog, for my yoga instructor’s website and on another cool project with Tina—and drawing and illustrating. I am finishing up another yoga coloring book, and have made some fun worksheets for kids during their time at home. 

The thing I’m most hopeful for after we get through quarantine:

I’ve loved this extra time I’m spending with my 3-year-old daughter, Quorra. We’re doing things like painting and cooking together and playing and singing in her room for hours. It’s quality time that ticks by slowly, but is such a blessing. If I learn anything from this experience, it’s to appreciate all you have while you have it–your people, your freedom, your belongings, your health. I hope we all can be more appreciative of each other, of our surroundings, of our planet. Tomorrow is not promised, so make today as sweet as possible!

Lisa Wells, ET copy editor

Since quarantine began, I’ve spent more time at home enjoying things I haven’t been able to in a while.  I reorganized my storage closet for my art supplies and began rotating different tools so I could work on more projects – a painting based on The Legend of Zelda video game, a 2′ x 3′ sunflower painting on burlap, and several hand-stitched face masks made from old Wawa work t-shirts.  In addition, I’ve tried to spend more time working out when feeling up to it.

For me, physical and mental health have always worked hand-in-hand.  It’s given me more energy and less stress.  However, I’ve never been a fan of home workouts, so it’s been tough. But my fitness instructor from my gym has been doing virtual classes and it’s been a tremendous help! I take each workout day by day when I feel like it and don’t do one when I don’t want to.  Unfortunately my races have been pushed back, so i’m just working out for stress relief and it’s always important that I WANT to do it… otherwise I won’t at all.  

I’ve also been spending more time on the phone and in video chats with friends and family.  The last portion and largest chunk of my time has been going toward working at Wawa! I work five days a week, almost full time.  So after dealing with a lot of different personalities and opinions that are the general public, I’ve enjoyed extra time at home.

The thing I’m most hopeful for after we get through quarantine:

For both myself and humanity I hope we can learn to take everything a day at a time and make the best of it. We tend to rush through everything instead of slowing down and enjoying the moment. 

Shanice Ricketts, Director of Digital Marketing

During quarantine, I feel like I’ve been really productive. I’ve been working out at least once every day (sometimes I’m able to get in two workouts), juggling client projects and consultations, participating in my church’s virtual production team (Faith SDA Church), zoom meetings with my friends, at-home date nights with my boyfriend, and still managed to produce a marketing e-book called MARKETBOX for solopreneurs.

The thing I’m most hopeful for after we get through quarantine:

I just pray that we really appreciate the time we have with our loved ones and that we no longer take for granted the little things—like walking our dogs freely or just popping into the grocery store without a mask and gloves or game night with the family. I literally can’t wait to spend time with all my family and friends again.

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