Need quick funding? Check out this guide to emergency financial assistance

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The coronavirus outbreak has stalled life as we know it–schools are closed, businesses are shut and many have been ordered to stay home for the foreseeable future. Small business owners are grappling with the fallout from worldwide efforts to “flatten the curve”–as people are staying home and away from stores or shopping, business owners are worried about making payroll, paying rent and paying vendors, and wondering how long they can survive under current circumstances. 

Thankfully, the federal government announced a number of financial assistance measures for both employees and business owners during this health crisis. It’s hard work to wade through all of the information out there, but women’s lifestyle brand The Helm published a comprehensive guide to financial funding for small business owners we think is worth sharing. 

The guide includes sources of financing from government agencies to grants and prizes available from other businesses–a great source for entrepreneurs to reference and revisit for financial aid. It also includes additional information on tax deadlines and guidelines and credit card fee waivers and updated policies. 

To small business owners out there, we salute you and support you. To those looking to support small business, remember to shop local when you can, or give them a shout out on social media just to show you’re thinking of them. We know our current health crisis is difficult, but with a little faith and a strong support network, we will all get through this soon. 

Let us know how we can help. Leave us a comment below or on our IG at @elevationtribe to give suggestions on resources or tips you need to support your business during the current global health crisis.