How to Market Your Business During a Crisis

Editor’s Note
Times are crazy, and business owners are wondering if it’s even appropriate to market their business (much less do business). Tina took her talents to a Create & Cultivate IG Live recently to discuss her tips for marketing your business during a crisis.

Highlights from Tina’s Create and Cultivate IG Live

  1. The most important thing business owners should do when they see tough times ahead are to get back to the basics and focus on the 4Ps of Marketing — Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion.
  2. Turn worry into action by remaining calm (it’s not good to make decisions from a place a fear) and remember marketing is both an art and a science–don’t let either takeover.
  3. Build a bulletproof relationship with your current customers by focusing on your community. Let them know how important they are to your business and continue to deliver what they expect from you.
  4. During this time, communicate to your customers differently by telling them how you’re feeling. Make sure these messages are coming from a genuine, authentic place.
  5. Get very clear on what your customers need from you by simply asking them. Now is not the time to push your agenda.
  6. To ensure your business survives these tough times, take the time to complete a feasibility sheet so that you can plan for what’s ahead, don’t be afraid to pivot, and be flexible.
  7. Ramp up business and push through hard times by focusing on your core — your current clients and how you are servicing them, and where in your business adds the most value.
  8. During these times, share on social media what you can offer your customers. Examples include: Rebecca Minkoff, Joanna Gaines #WeBelieveinHome, and D-Nice’s IG Live parties.
  9. In using email to communicate with your customers, focus less on selling on more on educating and inspiring them.
  10. Some rituals that bring comfort and joy during uncertain times are: