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TRIBE STORIES: Shanice Ricketts
For this edition of Tribe Stories, we’re highlighting one of our own: our social media guru Shanice Ricketts.

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For this edition of Tribe Stories, we’re highlighting one of our own: our social media guru Shanice Ricketts. Shanice oversees ET’s digital marketing and social media channels and runs her own marketing consultancy. We asked her to share her own Tribe Story with our readers and share some tips on mapping out a marketing strategy that works best for your business.
Tell us how you became a marketing guru, and launched your own consultancy.
The idea actually came from my friends launching their own businesses and lacking a clear understanding of how to market their products and/or services. Many of them being solopreneurs, doing everything on their own with no team, and not able to afford to hire a marketing professional full-time.
How did you end up working with Elevation Tribe?
I heard Tina on the Side Hustle Pro podcast in 2018 talking about the launch of Elevation Tribe and the magazine and instantly I said, “I need to work with this woman.” So I shot my shot and here we are today. At the time I wouldn’t have considered myself a marketing guru (I’m still learning), but what better way to become one than to work with one? (pro tip: surround yourself with those on the path you’d like to be on).
You’ve worked with a wide range of brands. What in your mind is key to good marketing, no matter what industry or product you’re promoting?
Content, content, content. Regardless the industry, it’s important to be a resource to your audience. They should look at you as an authority in your space. So sharing as much as you can with them–especially in this digital time–is key.
There are many digital platforms out there. Do you think companies need to have a presence on every platform? If not, how can they pick what will work best for them?
Brands do not need to be on every platform–especially newer ones. It’s better to dominate one or two platforms (i.e. IG + Facebook or Twitter + IG). The best way to figure out which is best for your brand is: 1) competitive research — evaluate where your competitors are most successful and 2) test, test, test — create and execute a plan for select platforms and see which one your audience engages with best.
What has been the most fun for you in working with Elevation Tribe ?
The women I get to work with, but even more the amazing content and stories of powerhouse women we get to work on.
What does ‘elevate’ mean to you?
For me ‘elevate’ has two meanings. 1) To elevate yourself in the spiritual sense–spending time praying and studying God’s word so that you can then apply it your life and 2) raising up the people around you in any way that you can.
Have more questions about online marketing? Visit Shanice’s website at or shoot her an email at
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