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Kate Northrup’s Do Less Planner helps Tina plan her best life. See how you can do it, too. 

Those days of overscheduling yourself to burnout are over. Entrepreneur, business coach, and podcaster Kate Northrup published “Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Moms” with a companion planner that uses the seasonal, lunar, and menstrual cycles to help plan your days.  “Time and energy are cyclical,” Northrup explains. “You can use your biological programming to manifest anything.” This is not a casual datebook—the 500+ page planner is packed with information and guidance on prioritizing tasks and activities that bring the most happiness. 

Tina swears by Kate’s “Do Less” method to plan her busy days. For the latest issue of Elevation Tribe, Tina shows how she scheduled her March 2020 using the “Do Less” way.  Check it out below, then pick up our latest issue to see how you can use the planner to schedule your own days. The issue also has a link to a free “Do Less” weekly planning guide from Kate, too!

Tina’s Month At A Glance Here!