Elevation Tribe Vol. 2 is here!

Elevation Tribe

It’s a wonderful day for our Tribe members—the next issue of Elevation Tribe magazine is here!

We’re so excited to deliver our latest issue–the Wellness Issue. Inside you’ll find stories and advice from some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in health and wellness today.

For example:

  • Our cover subject, Latham Thomas–a doula, educator and the founder of Mama Glow talks about some of the most impactful things that helped her build her business
  • Cyndi Ramirez—the founder of popular New York City spa Chillhouse shares how she launched her business, and how she is approaching expansion
  • Kate Northrup–the author and entrepreneur breaks down how to get more done in your day by doing less (it’s true!)
  • Rakia Reynolds—the communications pro and founder of Skai Blue Media walks us through what she does on the weekends to relax and recharge

This issue is also packed with tips and information that will help you manage your mental, physical and financial wellness. And while it’s hard for most of us to stay on top of all three of those aspects of our health at once, it can be especially hard for business owners.

“Entrepreneurship can be lonely, emotionally draining and physically demanding,” our founder, Tina Wells, writes in her editor’s letter in the issue.  “And while self-care has become a buzzy idea, it’s a necessity for all of us. We’re all givers in some way, and we have to make sure our cup is full so that we can freely share with others.”

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Let’s soar!