a sneak peek into the wellness issue

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It’s finally here–our next issue of Elevation Tribe magazine is on its way.  We know this issue will leave you feeling good because volume two of the magazine is… wait for it…. our wellness issue! 

This issue is packed with tips and advice on launching your business and advancing in your career from the most successful entrepreneurs in the wellness and health space today. Latham Thomas is volume two’s cover subject–she’s the author and founder of Mama Glow, a global women’s health and education platform that includes doula services and doula training programs, conferences and events. In the issue, Thomas reveals how she became a successful entrepreneur in the rapidly growing wellness industry, and what you can do to thrive in your career and business. 

You’ll also hear from what some of our subjects and contributors do to maintain their own healthy vibes–from daily meditation to good ol’ quality time with friends.

That said, wellness isn’t just green juices and yoga– it also includes financial health. We are so grateful to have JPMorgan Chase as a sponsor of our next issue. The company has helped us create custom content and tools to help you track your financial goals, and we’re super stoked to share those tools with our readers.

We are also excited to have additional sponsors and rockstar companies THINX and Mab & Stoke included in our next issue.

Just like success, wellness looks different for everyone. But taking care of yourself is always a top priority no matter what your career or financial goals are.  If you can find a balance between your mind, body and spirit, you can achieve anything. We hope the info in our next issue can help you with whatever goals you’re aiming for. 

Grab your copy of Elevation Tribe Magazine Vol. 2 here.