This Is What our Team is Doing for Self Care in 2020

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Here at Elevation Tribe, our team members have jam-packed schedules. Some of us are in school, others run multiple businesses at once. We all know a thing or two about multitasking and working hard, but we also know that prioritizing time for yourself is how you can be most productive. 

We asked the ET team what they were doing for self-care in 2020, and most of us said mediation was the thing they were adding to their to-do lists. “I am taking more time to meditate and get in tune with my thoughts,” said writer Tweety Elitou, who wrote our “Out Of Office” column with public relations powerhouse Rakia Reynolds for our next issue. 

That’s a good thing–taking the time to let your mind relax and recharge helps with mental clarity and creativity. Even just 5 minutes a day can help you feel more at ease–no matter what deadlines or demanding situations might be waiting for you at the office. 

Another related self-care move our team mentioned is simply making more time for themselves. “I’m taking more time for myself in general, but specifically by being at home more, for long periods of time to just relax and keep my home-base as stress-free as possible. My mood begins at home,” our copy editor Lisa Wells said. And our photographer Melissa Hope said she’s managing her time by, “saying “no” more often and without guilt.  Time is a scarce resource that needs to be invested wisely.” 
What do you do for self-care? We’d love to hear what you do for yourself to feel good and recharge. Send us a note in the comments below and your suggestion might appear in an upcoming story in Elevation Tribe! Meanwhile, look out for our next issue of Elevation Tribe magazine on February 10!