What’s Your Word for 2020?

Elevation Tribe

Choose one. Or two. And feel good all year!

You’ve set your intentions, made some resolutions for a new year and a new decade. But have you defined how you want to feel? What word do you want to use to describe how you move throughout your day?

Tina and I do a lot of work over text and email, and as we planned out the next issue of Elevation Tribe magazine (coming soon!), a word stuck out to us both: “aligned.”  Tina said it was one of her core feelings for 2020, and I agreed–it felt soothing just reading that word aloud!

What words leave you feeling good? Feeling lighter? Feeling inspired? I’ve heard some great suggestions online–” balanced,” “sustainable,” “grace,” even “work.” For me, writing my daughter’s name, Quorra, makes me feel happy. Maybe it’s because I love her more than anything, maybe it’s because there’s a lot of round letters in her name, so the big loops of o’s and a’s are fun to write!

Do you have a word that describes your 2020? We’d love to hear them. Post about them on Instagram and tag #elevationtribe. We’ll pick some of your stories to post within our IG feed in the coming weeks. Happy 2020!