What a Viral Post about Disney+ Can Teach Us about Launching a Business (or Anything!)

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I am the queen of tinkering with something—a blog post, a website, dinner for my family—for hours or days before I actually put the thing out. In fact, I can delay the launch of something  to the point of missing a deadline, or not even putting the project out in public at all. What good is something, even if imperfect, if it never sees the light of day?

Last week, a viral Tweet on the heels of the Disney + launch reminded me of such a thing.  Ed Williams, a creative director and comic designer, posted this message about how the media conglomerate launched a streaming service with a few kinks, and still had Disney fans swarming to sign up for the $6.99 a month service.

Totally on point, Ed. I saw this retweeted by a bunch of my entrepreneur friends last week, using it as motivation to get them to get their projects live. I reposted it as well. Then I wrote a blog post for my yoga website, and hit send before I could tinker myself out of launching it. 

Let this remind us to put aside fear or desire to make the thing perfect before it goes public. Just let it go. Hit send. Push publish. Tell your friends. Hang your sign. And do it today!

Still not ready? The beginning of 2020 is just six weeks away—give yourself a deadline to launch your big idea by the end of the year. What an awesome feeling you’ll have when you can toast the launch of your big idea with a glass of Champagne and pride from finishing what you started when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve!