How to Use Facebook to Find Your Dream Customers

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Marketing strategist, Shanice Ricketts shares with us below the ways that entrepreneurs can use Facebook to find their dream customers.

Facebook isn’t just a place where you can ignore that kid from high school who is simply annoying—it’s also a key tool in all social media ad campaigns, and is essential to every business reaching out for growth or engagement. The most amazing thing about Facebook is that not only can you rely on your friends and family to signal-boost your posts, Facebook Audience Insights allows you to filter the engagements—which is vital to determining how you would like to proceed with a Facebook Ads campaign.

These filters include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Education Level
  • Marital Status
  • Location
  • Thousands of interests and behaviors (“likes”)

From here, you’re able to easily narrow down who is viewing what, from where, and make an assumption on how they are using the information you are posting. If you begin to see Facebook less as a social media platform to catch up, and more of a viable business platform, you can truly transform your user experience and come away with some of the most loyal customers of your dreams!

Take a look at some of the Facebook Ads being shown to you on your timeline (these are the “sponsored” posts). Are you a twenty-something millennial who loves podcasts? Your sponsored posts probably advertise platforms like Anchor, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Are you a man over fifty who loves cars? Your ads probably show testimonial videos from local car dealerships. This happens this way not because someone is reading your mind (even though I’m pretty sure they can), but because a business has been monitoring people like you with similar interests, and chose to purchase a Facebook Ad to market specifically to that audience in order to elevate their brand.

Now, look at some of the ads being run by your competitors. Don’t have any competitors? Look at successful people who are in the same niche as you. What are they doing that you could be doing? Which audiences are they targeting? You’d be surprised to find they are probably spending just about as much as you on a campaign, but they know how to make the tool work for them.

When you finally get a handle on the algorithm, filters, and process of running a successful Facebook Ad campaign, you will find that not only do you have an audience that consistently comes back for more, but you also have the opportunity for growth, as your audience grows. This means your niche might expand or evolve, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting away from the core purpose, it means your business is capable of progressing—which is completely necessary as your consumers make changes in life.

Now you may be thinking, “so how do I hack the algorithm?” Here are a few tips to help.

  1. Make a habit of checking your business page audience insights—note what posts/content is performing well, if high engagement depends on days or times, etc.
  2. Based on your insights, share relevant content consistently
  3. Never share content without a call to action—CTAs are the core of increasing audience engagement

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