LBW Class of 2018: Where are they Now?


Tina’s LBW class at U Penn’s Wharton School of Business has prepped hundreds of rising seniors for the business world and beyond–including our own Janae Young!

Below, Janae tracked down a few of her 2018 LBW classmates to see what they’ve been up to since their time together. Here’s what they have to say:

Meet Sophie!

Sophie Fifer

From Hong Kong

Barnard College/ Columbia University ’23

“What Tina taught me was not something out of a traditional class syllabus. In the short time under her instruction, she modeled inquisition and taught me to constantly question the knowledge we know to improve. She demonstrates the benefits of questioning what we think we know and the extent of our knowledge. Rather than viewing questions and unknown answers as a weakness, they are the springboard towards greater knowledge, and ensure the progression of thought.”

“Most importantly, Tina taught me it was ok to be a female business leader who wants to be in charge. She helped me gain confidence and poise to establish my own business and work as a leader without being worried about coming off as “bossy” or “rude”. She showed me that it was okay to not know everything but still have the confidence to proceed and want to lead. She is an excellent role model for entrepreneurs and women in business across all industries.”

Meet Michelle!

Michelle Xu 

Little Rock, Arkansas

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 

“During Leadership in the Business World at UPenn, Tina lectured us on a variety of basic business plan integrants such as value propositions, marketing strategies, types of teams, and pitch components. Classes were always engaging as we practiced the concepts with different industries; my group’s being a floral business. From her, I learned the importance of researching and understanding a market population to best strategize and ensure optimal results, especially for a start-up.”


Meet Jade!

Jade Fung

University: University of Notre Dame

Business Marketing with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“The summer before my senior year, I was totally undecided in what path I wanted to go down for my career. I attended Leadership in a Business World at Wharton in order to learn more about the different concentrations of business. In the beginning, we were in finance, statistics, and other classes that didn’t interest me until Tina’s classes on entrepreneurship and marketing. Her words on marketing connected with my interests and strengths. She opened up about her business that she started when she was 15 years old, and [her words] ignited a spark in me that loves business–especially marketing and entrepreneurship. As a black woman, I also connected with Tina as a fellow black woman in business. Tina took me and the other two black girls in my class out to lunch to get to know us, offer us advice, and inspire us to chase our dreams. Without LBW, I wouldn’t have had the absolute pleasure to learn from Tina,  and I am forever grateful for that experience.”