What I Did on My Summer Vacation


This year, Tina’s summer took her to adventures abroad and close to home.  Below, the ET founder reveals five notable places she visited during her summer break.  

— Lesbos, Greece, and  Berlin Germany with the Schusterman Foundation:

The Schusterman Foundation takes people on life-changing journeys to Israel. This year they offered trips to Greece and Germany, and they have trips to Ethiopia and India later this year.

We spent time in Greece and Germany to understand the immigration and migrant crisis as a result of Syria and understand the role Greece and Germany play in that crisis. It was interesting to compare the migrant journey in both places. 

In Greece, it’s organized chaos. Refugees can’t work, because they can’t get a bank account.  In Germany, things are more organized. Refugees can apply for asylum status. They can have a bank account, so they can find official work. In Germany, there are an estimated 800k refugees, and they were fully integrated into society.  It was all very eye-opening, and complex.

Jon Huntsman Hall, University of Penn 

I spent the month of July there running the Leadership in the Business World (LBW) program for rising high school seniors. I coached 160 amazing students. Every year the students are of the same age, but I’m getting older! This summer I taught all 160 students altogether as opposed to in small groups, so I had a bigger lecture hall type of experience. It’s like doing a TED talk. It never gets old to see students creating their companies. The processes we teach and talk about at Elevation Tribe is what even 17-year-olds are using to start their businesses!

Manchester, Vermont

I road tripped up the East Coast with my niece and cousin, and Manchester was the first stop. The girls got to see some cheesemaking and maple syrup manufacturing. It’s also the home of Ben & Jerry’s. It was a nice first stop on the trip.

We stayed at The Taconic, a Kimpton Hotel, and they had all of these old school games like bean bag toss out on the patio. It brought back the idea of play, which is something that adults often forget! 

— Newport, Rhode Island

This was another stop on our road trip! We toured the Breakers, one of the Vanderbilt mansions, and lots of historic homes. We did a trolley tour. There are so many things that are the ‘oldest things in the world’ that I’d never know there (like the oldest Quaker church). It’s also where the line, “keeping up with the Joneses” comes from! And the Kennedys were married there. It was very much a romantic American history tour.

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