Tribe Stories: Tiffany Staten

Elevation Tribe

Women know when they’ve found a skincare product that really works: when their husbands start borrowing it. That’s what happened when Tiffany Staten started making homemade lotions and body whips with healthy ingredients while pregnant with her son. She turned her hobby into Atlanta-based skincare company London Grant. Below, she shares how she became obsessed with skincare, and how she manages her growing business.

From IT to skincare

“Holistic wellness and skincare weren’t always my passion. I’m the girl that will skip yoga for a nap and a little bronzer with mascara is my go-to makeup routine. My professional background was in information technology with a focus on human capital. I spent the last two years of my career dedicated to talent strategies — not exactly a recipe for the founder of a home and body brand.” 

A need for healthy–and beautiful–products emerge.

“In 2016, I was pregnant with our son Christian Grant — one-half of the brand’s namesake — and as all mothers are during pregnancy, I was researching everything incessantly. One day I spent hours and hours researching the effects that certain foods and skincare products can have on a developing baby and immediately knew I needed to make some changes. After checking the label on the back of my lotion, I decided that I would make my own. “I’ll make my own” is something that I say quite often. I have a love for all things handmade and have never underestimated my ability to “whip” something up. That desire to create beautiful things was passed down to me by my parents and is shared with my brother who is a talented artist in his own right.” 

Demand grows.

“There I was with a jar of whipped body butter that was silky, and fluffy, and perfect for my growing belly. I poured it into an upcycled canning jar and posted a picture to Instagram. Friends quickly began asking for batches and I’d find my own jars running low because my Husband was siphoning from my stash when I wasn’t looking. Before I knew it, I was making small batches to sell online in what I called “virtual pop-ups” — a cute way of saying “once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Over time, I created new products and in the process realized that I was truly passionate about seeing others glow. That selfish desire to prevent stretch marks met with a need to find cleaner solutions for my family and friends is what led to the vision of London Grant.”

Change is inevitable.

“When I started this company, I didn’t have all of the answers. Truthfully, on most days I start with only half of them.  I’m not a perfectionist, but I demand excellence of myself. I believe that everything I do should be done as if for the Lord. So, I’m always fine-tuning this and revising that. I’ll never put anything out into the world that I don’t love, believe in, or trust to be effective and safe for my own family. All consumers deserve that level of authenticity and care.” 

Being the boss comes with challenges.

“Stepping into the Female Founder camp has been one of the greatest challenges of my life. I had to retrain my thoughts about myself — fears and insecurities needed to shift to faith and action. I admire businesses that are founded in partnerships. I’m an ultra-collaborative gal and I process my thoughts externally. I miss having a full team, but we’ll get there soon enough. I am fortunate to have my husband, a successful small business growth consultant, as an advisor. We are simply two solopreneurs and parents who are striving for fulfilled lives and careers — ones that our son would be proud of and make a positive impact on the world around us.”