Tribe Story: Aliah Davis-McHenry

Elevation Tribe

When you have two burning passions you’re itching to pursue, why launch one business when you can launch two? Aliah Davis-McHenry turned her agency background and experience in artificial intelligence into The Fervency, a consultancy specializing in digital, multicultural & experiential marketing with a focus on AI experiences. She also wanted to create a wellness space for women over 35, so she launched the digital platform Fervent Wellness. Both are growing rapidly and fulfilling Davis-McHenry’s entrepreneurial dreams. Below, she reveals how she made it all happen: 

How did you launch your company?

In late 2017, I was at the intersection of burnout and unfulfilled. I wanted to follow my passions of leading my own agency (again) and creating a wellness community for women over 30. Shortly thereafter, I left an in-house leadership position and founded The Fervency, a consultancy specializing in digital, multicultural & experiential marketing, AI customer relationship management, and AR experiences. I also launched Fervent Wellness, a digital platform for xenial and GenX women who want fervent (passion-filled) lives and careers…and get PAID.

This isn’t my first rodeo into entrepreneurship, but I knew this time around I wanted to work smarter with my head down and scale with precision rather than “grustling” (grinding+hustling). I work from home as do my contractors but use co-working spaces to meet with clients. We have landed our clients primarily through word of mouth and social media.

How did you come to focus on AI/AR experiences? Had you done much work with companies providing that technology before?

I’m very data-driven yet creative and have always had a great interest in innovative emerging technologies. My last in-house leadership role enabled me to utilize AI/AR experiences like AI-enhanced large scale PPC advertising, AI-powered personalization on websites, content creation chatbots, AI-assisted emails, AR smartphone apps, AR in-app ads, and Snapchat and Facebook AR filters. Delivering a message when and where your audience wants to receive it is paramount and AI and AR lets us marketers be impactful, creative, and adventurous! The Fervency uses AI and AR experiences to achieve successes like increased conversions and improved customer experience while telling a meaningful and compelling brand story.

What is your unique positioning or pitch to your clients? 

The Fervency offers a personalized approach to develop strong relationship-based programs leveraging the power of social media, AI, AR, and digital storytelling. One of our niches is helping brands connect with women over 35, a unique consumer base and $40 trillion market but often overlooked demographic. We also provide in-house services for periods of time with clients. More and more brands are requesting this service.

Why did you want to launch your own wellness network?

Wellness isn’t only about eating healthy and exercising. It’s the products we use, the company we keep, and the thoughts we feed ourselves. As a wellness advocate, I wanted to empower busy women over 30 who are “balancing” careers, families, finances, and wellness with a supportive, inclusive community. Fervent Wellness supports women who want to live well and ignite fires that may have been put on the back burner because…LIFE. The community provides women with resources and tools to launch and grow successful businesses and careers and live a healthy and fervent life.

Any work highlights or big wins you’d like to share?

The Fervency just released a free guide, Following Your Passions & Marketing Your Best Self, to help entrepreneurs empower their brand while remaining authentic. We now offer Coffee With Aliah–strategy sessions and deep dives for small businesses, blogs, and brands. This summer, The Fervency will launch our digital marketing services division for cannabis brands which includes organic and paid social media, influencer marketing, experiential events, PR, social customer service, and SEO. PR and media relations are a critical strategy for cannabis-related brands and we are excited to provide vital marketing services for this $150 billion dollar industry.

Currently, we are growing the Fervent Wellness community with the Live Fervently podcast that features women living well and getting paid, in-person events, virtual meetups, and our online Shop.  #FerventOnes connect with other women in a growing private Facebook group.