TRIBE STORIES: Brenda Palmer

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Content creator, Brenda Palmer, is helping more young people of color gain access to photography. Palmer, a native of Chicago who now lives in Los Angeles, is the founder of Impact the Image, a nonprofit that connects Chicagoland youth to creative careers in the fields of advertising & marketing, branding, corporate media, entrepreneurship, photography, and public relations. She shared why she launched her organization and her big hopes for its future with ET below:

“Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, I developed a passion for making a difference. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Master of Arts in Television, Radio and Film, I was tasked with discovering my true purpose with the lack of early exposure to the arts as a career.” 

“In 2014, I directed and produced a documentary entitled “Beyond The Image,” which is a piece focusing on the image portrayals of African-American women in the media and how they affect future generations. I am particularly passionate about using the art of curating content as an opportunity to bring diversity to storytelling. “

“Through my documentary, I was inspired to create Impact The Image. It’s a non-profit organization that exposes Chicagoland youth to creative careers in the fields of Advertising & marketing, branding, corporate media, entrepreneurship, photography, and public relations. Impact The Image is a necessary program because children in the inner city of Chicago deal with many internal and external pressures on a daily basis. There is a major need for our youth to develop their voices and evoke change in their communities.”

“I fully understand that presenting the problem doesn’t help, but creating the solution is how we truly make a difference. I believe that my purpose is not to find fault with the current state of the creative world, but to educate, inspire and develop the next generation that will create the change, and Impact The Image.”

“Last year, Impact The Image serviced about 30 students ranging from 7th-12th graders at one center.  We partnered with a local organization By The Hand Club for kids to administer our summer workshop series. The most rewarding part for me was being able to take them inside local news and tv stations. (ABC 7, Windy City Live, The Big Ten Network.) This year we will continue the partnership providing programming across four of their centers.” 

“Since moving to LA in August, I’ve been immersed in the industry as a freelance videographer and digital content producer. I am currently an associate producer for a new women’s daily talk show, Better Together, on TBN.”

“Ultimately, Impact The Image is the force behind what I do. I want to accomplish everything I can here in LA so that I can share with the kids in my program. I want them to turn their dreams into careers!”

“Honestly,  my journey is rooted in my faith. I have been led by God into every opportunity I have had within the past 9 months of being here in LA. I ultimately want my life to be a testament that God is real. Our life is a series of moments that continuous steps of faith and obedience unlock for us.”