Editor’s Diary: What Yoga Taught Me About Business and Life

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Hi Tribe! Many of you know I moved to the Dominican Republic from New York at the beginning of the year. But I also took on another adventure–yoga teacher training.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 15 years. Every time I hit the mat, I feel more calm and peaceful afterwards. After my big transition to the island, I wanted to extend that zen feeling well past an hourlong class.

I decided to enroll in yoga teacher training to “deepen my practice.” I wanted to learn more about the spiritual side of yoga and apply them to my life on and off the mat.  I found a three-week intensive program here in DR and went through 12 hours a day of meditation, breath work, asanas (poses and postures) and history about yoga and its roots.  When I graduated, not only did I feel like a more centered woman, I gained tools that I could take into my business and personal life—and that you, our Tribe members, can use as well.

Below are three things I have learned from yoga that will serve you well as you pursue your career and business dreams. If these work for you, we’d love to hear how you’ve applied them to your own stories. Reach out to us at hello@elevationtribe.com, and we can share your story on our channels.

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Yoga is a practice, not a skill to be mastered. The goal of yoga is to enjoy the moments you’re practicing and let go of the idea of perfection. Rarely does someone master every single posture or meditation in the universe. Similarly, nobody knows the perfect way to run a business.  Wherever you are in your career or business, learn to enjoy the process. Enjoy the days of trying to ‘figure it out.’ Even if you haven’t sold one product or nailed one client, celebrate your decision to pursue the dream you’re working on. Even the most successful CEO has something new to learn each day.

Let go of both the good and bad.

When bad things happen, we’re told to shake it off or get over it. But we should be just as fluid with excitement, too. We can celebrate good times–earning an award, nailing a big client, getting a promotion–but don’t hold on to them so tightly that we don’t leave space for more great things in the future. The body cannot sustain long-term adrenaline rushes caused by extreme stress or disappointment. Instead, we operate best on steady emotional flow, or a window of emotions that allow us to feel sadness or happiness, and also remain calm and centered during those fluctuations.

Pull back to move forward

Sometimes to get deeper into a yoga posture, you need to pull back from your position and let your breath help relax your muscles. Then, you can stretch further or reach longer in the pose. The same can happen in work. If you’re stuck on solving a problem or stalled in a sales pitch, maybe try easing off the gas for a bit. Reassess, then restart. You may end up making more progress with less effort.

Hope my learnings are helpful to you.

To learning more together,