Travel Diary: My Journey to South Africa


Tina recently traveled to Cape Town as a Henry Crown Fellow. Read what she enjoyed most about her trip.

Hello Tribe!

I recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa for the first time ever. In early March, I attended my “Leading in an Era of Globalization” seminar for my Henry Crown Fellowship with the Aspen Institute. For those that don’t know about the fellowship, it’s a two-year program whereby a chosen group of thought leaders and entrepreneurs come together to attend workshops and events around the world in an effort to encourage personal growth and create a broader impact on the world.

Our readings for the seminar provided an amazing starting place for the trip. My classmates–or my fellow ‘fellows’—enriched the experience more than they’ll ever know.

Here are a few highlights that will forever be on my mind:

  • Visiting Robben Island, the island that includes the maximum security prison where Nelson Mandela was jailed for most of his 27 year prison sentence, and meeting Jama, a prisoner who gave us the tour of the island who was there with Mandela for over 4 years
  • Touring around Cape Town and exploring the gorgeous landscapes
  • Seeing penguins up close—they migrate to the South Cape and flock to the beach shores
  • Spending my layover in Qatar at the spa!

Great company, incredible culture, and beautiful views. The trip was no less than majestic! I can’t wait to go back and explore more of Cape Town.

Here’s to hoping another visit is in the works.

To new adventures,