Make Room For Change

Elevation Tribe

Last week I revealed to you I recently moved out of the country with my family. It was a big move and a big life change. 

While it has been great for my husband and baby, it has not been all rosy for me.

Don’t get me wrong—I love the weather, the people and our way of life here. But while this was a big change, I hadn’t changed with it. 

Instead of adapting to my new surroundings and focus my energy in my current space, I was holding onto my old location. I checked social media hourly to follow people and events from home, and tried to maintain my same busy schedule and workload. All this while trying to unpack, get a lay of the local land, get to know local people and get my young daughter adjusted to her new surroundings.

My energy was all over the place, and I felt disconnected, overwhelmed and anxious. I felt like I was missing out on things happening in my old neighborhood, but I felt out of place in my new home. 

After a few frustrating days, I took a pause.  I decided to just sit with myself in my new space and just enjoy what was around me. Slowly, I started to feel more at ease.  

I figured out what I was doing wrong—I didn’t make room for the changes in my life to happen. I didn’t make room for new routines or happy moments. I had to clear my head and my daily schedule to allow for new experiences.

That’s the message I want to share with you: if you want to change your career, start a business, or reach a new goal,  you have to make room for that change.  You have to make mental and physical space to do the thing you want to do.  

If you want a new wardrobe, you have to clear out the clutter in your closet. Want to start a business? You need to clear mental space to work on ideas and tasks. That may mean dedicating an amount of time to work on your venture, or reading or learning things that put you in the entrepreneurial state of mind.

Are you making space for your dream?  Or making changes in your habits or practices to get closer to your goals? If not, what can you do to make more space for change?

Tell us what your change-making tactics have been. Give us a shout out at @elevationtribe or on our Facebook Page. We love hearing from you and sharing what tips you have for making space with our tribe members!

To clearing space for great things,