Move Ahead to Move Ahead: How Relocating Could be My Biggest Career Move Yet

Elevation Tribe

After 19 years, I moved out of New York City this month to a new home— a new country—with my husband and young daughter. 

We didn’t move because of a job transfer or to be closer to family. We moved because we wanted to move towards something different.

Between money,  social obligations and a young child, we were spending more time working and worrying than spending time on ourselves—or with our child. 

And one thing I wanted was a little mental freedom to decide what I really wanted to do with my days. 

I’ve had a great career as a writer and editor working for the world’s biggest media companies. But recently, I felt a little mentally stuck.  

I wanted to make room for things I really wanted to do— yoga, draw, learn a new skill,  open a bed and breakfast. Or simply start a new routine.

So, we packed up our life in New York, and started fresh in the Caribbean. Who knows how long we will stay, but it’s helped us gain some perspective on how fulfilling our lives can be.

We’ve been in our new home for two weeks, and I have not yet embarked on all of my dreams or passions. But I have had more time to think about what moves me. I haven’t figured out all the next steps, but at least I took the first one—stepping out of my old routine to figure out a new one.

Sometimes a move in one direction can help you move in a better direction, even if it’s unclear where you’re going when you start.  

What direction do you want to move in 2019? How can we help you get there?

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Sometimes it just takes one step towards something new to make big moves.

Keep moving, 


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