What is Your Word for 2019?

Elevation Tribe

Tina and I did recently something we’ve never done before – we recorded a podcast! More details to come, but we learned something about each other that was interesting.

During our chat, we talked about our Letters to Elevate Yourself and one important part of it— the word or words you use to describe 2019.

For Tina, that word was nourish. As in, to feed yourself with the things that you truly cherish. Time, people, experiences.

For me, I have three— healthy, happy and refreshed. See for me, 2019 is a bit of a kickstart. I recently relocated abroad with my family, and my daughter just started school. I’ll tell you more about our move in another note, but in short, we made the move to a Caribbean island we love for better weather, a more active lifestyle, an opportunity to pursue our personal passions and a more laid back way of life. Those things were huge steps towards feeling healthier and happier, and in turn, will help me feel refreshed as time goes on. 

So I ask you— what’s your word (or words) to describe your 2019? How do you want to feel, or what descriptor is guiding you through your business and life decisions this year?

Share your word on our Instagram feed @elevationtribe, or holler at us at our FB page. 

Let’s use these words to motivate ourselves, and as words of encouragement to each other and to the universe to manifest what we really want to achieve this year.

To feeling your best in 2019,


P.S.— We asked you to pick three words to describe your 2019 to kick off our Letters to Elevate Yourself. If you haven’t done so already, click here to download our free template to help you manifest your big goals in 2019.