Letters To Elevate Yourself | Part 3

Elevation Tribe

We’ve got some amazing responses to our Letters to Elevate Yourself challenge. We’re so proud of you all!

Now that you’ve written these letters, share your big goals with others.

Send the letter to one trusted friend or family member, and tell them to hold onto it until the end of 2019. This will keep you accountable to at least one person who has a vested interest in your happiness.

Then,  keep it on your laptop or someplace for safe keeping so you can refer to it later.

Finally, share your LEY on Instagram and tag @elevationtribe and #lettertoelevate. We’ll highlight the best of your letters on ElevationTribe.com.

Want some motivation? Here’s my LEY for 2019:

Dear Universe,

In 2019, I felt happy, healthy, and revived.

Professionally, I relaunched my personal blog centered around travel, food and family, and helped grow Elevation Tribe to a multiplatform content company serving passionate young entrepreneurs and business leaders.

I redesigned my site by working on it 1 hour a day and relaunched it in January. For Elevation Tribe, I edited 2 more issues of our magazine, and helped grow our social and newsletter following via more interactive social posts, newsletter challenges and personal notes.

Though it was a challenge to redesigning my site and managing the content for multiple content platforms—all while moving abroad—the reward was having a beautiful personal site, and for Elevation, a solid following and sustainable business structure that scales.

I made 50 new friendships/business relationships, which made me feel connected to a community of entrepreneurs.

And finally, I did an online health coach training to help myself feel my best every day. I feel healthier, and I can now help my friends and family eat healthier, too.

2019 was an awesome year. So happy I took a leap of faith and made my goals a reality!


Editorial Director






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