Letters To Elevate Yourself

Elevation Tribe

Last year,  Tina had me do an interesting exercise. It was to write our my vision for what 2018 would hold, but be very specific about the things I wanted–what type of work I wanted to do. How I wanted to feel. Where I wanted my personal and family relationships to be. And even what I wanted my clothes and hair to look like!

As the end of 2018 approaches, I revisited that letter. I found that I had either hit, or put steps in place to hit, most of those goals. Some of them were far reaching–for example, I had a goal to live in a home by the beach and start my own business.  Both are coming true as the year ends.

They say if you will it, you’ll get it. And that’s what writing that letter did. It put ideas out into the universe that I wanted, and made the circumstances likely for them to happen.

As 2019 approaches, we challenge you to do the same.

Between Christmas and Jan. 1, we want you to write a letter to yourself about what you’re looking forward to in 2019. Want to start that business? Get promoted? Overhaul your wardrobe? Write it all down. Be specific about why, how you’ll feel when you will get it, and how important it is to you. We call these Letters to Elevate Yourself.

Then, send it to one person–someone you trust–so you can be accountable to at least one confidante. Then,  keep it on your laptop or some place for safe keeping so you can refer to it later.

Next week, we’ll give you an easy to use template with sample prompts to get you started.  Then, we’d love to hear what your big dreams are! Share your LEY on Instagram and tag @elevationtribe and #lettertoelevate.  We’ll pick a few to highlight on in our newsletter and social media channels, so our Tribe can cheer you on as you work towards your big dreams.

Then, read about how you can get working on those goals in our weekly Elevation Tribe newsletter.

Finally pick up a copy of our inaugural issue to read more about our inspirational tribe members and their wonderful advice to our future leaders.

Let’s get it–whatever “it” is for you–in 2019.


Onward and upward,

Editorial Director