Talking With Tina

Elevation Tribe

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What inspired you to start Nomadness Travel Tribe?

Being a three-time expat and living in places around the world while wanting to see more folks like me. I’ve lived in Japan, Thailand, and France. After nearly a year and a half in Asia, I came back to the Bronx going through travel withdrawal, reverse culture shock, and healing from Dengue fever. I am not following the path of any of my friends or family, so I was always the outlier and black sheep. I needed a community. So, I built it.  

When you were starting your business, what was the most important piece of advice someone gave you that you actually used?

Not all money is good money. What I was building was happening so organically— it was beautiful. That shined through to my early mentors who told me that I shouldn’t look for funding from venture capitalists. Stay the course and build from within. So for the first three years of NOMADNESS we used Kickstarter to fund our larger endeavors. 

For those struggling with leaving their current gig to launch the company of their dreams, what’s one piece of advice you’d give them?

Just start. Start selling something— a product, service, experience. Then sell it again. Keep selling it until you no longer recognize the names of the people purchasing. Then, jump.

What’s next for you and Nomadness Travel Tribe?

The world. Literally. September 8th was the first festival for travelers of color in the country, our AUDACITY Fest. We had all the top names in black and brown travel coming together and nearly 1000 people that attended. It was amazing!  Then the book, and television. Those are my two personal dreams that are the closest they have ever been to coming to fruition.