Brain Fuel

Elevation Tribe

Forget to eat in between client meetings and conference calls? We’ve all been there. When hunger hits like a ton of bricks, nutritionist Mikaela Reuben has some healthy ideas to help you  refuel.  Below, Reuben—whose client roster includes Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson— shares a quick and easy, go-to midday meal ideas to fill you up.


Cocoa powder is a good source of magnesium and antioxidants,” says Reuben. And the chia seeds are “full of Omega 3’s and fiber.”


2 tablespoons chia

½ tablespoon cocoa powder

½ teaspoon vanilla powder

2 tablespoons grated coconut (flakes) 

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Large pinch of Himalayan sea salt

½ tablespoon raw honey 

¾ cup hot water


Mix all dry ingredients. Drizzle with honey. Cover with hot water. Allow it to sit until the water is absorbed.