Little Ways To Amp Up Your Everyday Office Look


It’s easy to fall into the same style routine at work, and sometimes it feels like you need an entirely new wardrobe to fix it. This is not true. Sometimes just a few small details can boost your look entirely. Here are some ways to amp up your style without a complete closet makeover.


Wearing just one piece of jewelry can instantly enhance your outfit. Even if you’re grabbing a few rings or a watch before you head out the door, this little detail will make you look put together no matter what.


Pulling together an ensemble with the perfect lip color is a guaranteed way to upgrade your style. I suggest finding a favorite nude lipstick that feels comfortable and compliments your skin tone. This way, you don’t have to think twice about it!


Wearing a belt not only makes you seem like you thought about your outfit for longer than 5 minutes that morning, but it will also ensure that your clothes fit nicely, making for a super sophisticated and flattering look.


A basic outfit can be instantly elevated with an additional layer, whether that be a jacket over a dress, a sweater over a collared shirt, or a pair of tights under a skirt. But don’t overthink it! Layering works best when it’s kept simple.