How To Use LinkedIn Effectively


So many people are on LinkedIn, but most of them aren’t using it the best way possible. It can be your best tool for growing your career. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

Use Your SEO Skills

You want your LinkedIn page to be searchable and discoverable. The more buzzwords you use, the more visible it becomes – just like your favorite blog! So look at other users in your industry (and job postings!) and be sure to include the most used words in your own profile.

Actually Use LinkedIn Like A Social Media Platform

Consistent posting is key on LinkedIn. Too many users have LinkedIn accounts simply to make connections. But the best way to stand out and get noticed on LinkedIn is to post. Post about your career achievements, relevant industry news and anything else that relates to your field.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL

Making sure your LinkedIn URL is simple and easy to remember will make it easy for others to find you – especially when your networking IRL! Plus it gives your profile an overall cleaner, more put together look.


Don’t be afraid to connect! When you meet someone at an event or just in the office, connect with them! Even if your meeting is brief, it’s ok to connect, just make sure you add a note to remind them about your meeting – and make it as personal as possible!

Use LinkedIn Endorsements

With every job and every internship you have, make sure to ask for an endorsement on LinkedIn. These are basically letters of recommendation for future employers, but they’re bite-sized and to-the-point.