5 Tips For Designing The Perfect Business Card


Sometimes you only have a few minutes to connect with a potential business partner. Your elevator pitch is critical at times like this, but so is your business card. Here are a few strategies for how to make your card speak for you – after the conversation ends.

Keep It Simple

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a business card is overcrowding it with imagery and text. Minimalism is key. Include only the necessities and create a design that attracts the eye, but doesn’t overwhelm it.

Think About Shape

Most people keep business cards in a wallet or card holder. This means, if your card doesn’t fit, it will likely get lost. So it’s best to stick to the rectangular or square shaped card.

Branding, Branding, Branding

Make sure your card represents your company. A potential associate should be able to identify your branding and recognize it at other times, say, when they’re on your website or come across your advertising.

Focus On Fonts

The font you choose can make or break your business card. Avoid bulky fonts that are difficult to read. It’s also best practice to choose two complimentary fonts, like a serif and sans serif. This will make your card more aesthetically pleasing.

Be Open

It’s easy to fall into a cookie-cutter business card design. Don’t sell yourself short! Look through other designs and be open to other textures and layouts. Making your card unique goes far beyond color schemes.