How To Cultivate Your #GirlPower Network

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As women in business, we need to stick together and help each other up that ladder of success! But, it’s not always easy to put together a strong support group that will be truly meaningful in your career. Here are a few tips on how to find the right ladies.

You’re Not At A Sales Pitch

Networking does not entail moving from person to person, repeating your elevator pitch. Instead of jumping straight to your resume, try to make meaningful connections and really get to know someone.

Remember The Details

When it comes time to sending that follow-up email, try to provide details about that person and your interaction with them to show them you’re a good listener and you care. Bonus Tip: Take notes on the back of someone’s business card after they hand it to you!

Make Others Feel Special

When you’re talking with someone, make sure to give them your full attention and make them feel good. To do this, make strong eye contact, say their name, ask questions about them and, most importantly, listen to them.

Don’t Stop When You Leave The Event

Networking lasts longer than the time of the event. After you leave, be sure to send meaningful follow-up emails – not just a LinkedIn invite! This will contribute to making meaningful connections instead of just a list of acquaintances.  

Be A Superconnector

Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh are redefining what it means to network. The best kind of networker is a Superconnector, according to their new book, Superconnector: Stop Networking And Start Building Business Relationships That Matter. Read more about the book and their path to success here.