7 Simple Ways To Stay Focused When You Don’t Have Time To Meditate

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Sometimes staying focused and productive throughout the day seems absolutely impossible. Telling yourself to just sit down and focus is the last thing you want to do. And we can’t always stop everything for a mindfulness exercise. So, here are some out of the box tips that you probably have never thought of.

Have a good laugh

Hey if a smile a day keeps the doctor away then maybe laughing will help launch your business. A Robert Half International survey found that 91% of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement.

Divide your day up into assigned segments

Divide your day up by tasks. Two hours for email, two hours for social networking, two hours for brainstorming, etc.,  “There is a mountain of research showing that we do better at certain kinds of tasks at certain times of day,” Daniel H. Pink, author of the new book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, told Forbes recently.

Take a walk

Though leaving your work area seems counterproductive, it’s really not. In 2009, University of Michigan researchers found that subjects who strolled through a nature setting saw a 20% improvement in attention and focus tests. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature appears to be especially beneficial for our minds.

Look for ways to reduce decision making

Are there certain emails you send every day you could write in your sleep? Then draft a model that you can always use and stick in the details.

Make a Different Kind of To-Do List

We are constantly making lists of tasks for us to do and then if you don’t complete them you feel even worse about yourself. Instead of going straight down the list, start in the middle. Why not try starting in the middle of the list? Or try drawing out the tasks. It may even make completing your to-do list actually fun.

Start with something delicious for breakfast

Do you have a long and hard day ahead of you? Start it off with a little bit of fun. Eat something for breakfast that will make you happy. Maybe pancakes or maybe just a great bowl of cereal! “It doesn’t literally have to be cake, the point is to find a way to eat something that brings you joy in the morning,” Beyond the Headline podcast host Jenna Abdou told Fast Company.

Turn the Heat Up

A recent study found that when people feel physically cold they feel more alone. This leads them to perceive others to be less caring and generous. However, when you are warmer you feel more connected to people and will be in a better mood which will help you be more productive.

Take Breaks

If you are starting to think in circles then take a break. If you keep trying to just get through it, the results will not be what you want. So take that walk or just relax for a bit then get right back to it.