7 Apps To Help You Stay Energized Throughout The Day

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One of the worst ways to live is run down. Maintaining good energy throughout the day is key to being productive. Staying focused and feeling good will keep your momentum up all day. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially in today’s fast-paced world. So, here are some apps to help you out!


If anyone can understand burnout it is Amber Discko, the founder of Femsplain and a former staffer from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.who invented this app.  “I was skipping meals, and I didn’t notice until it really started affecting me physically,” she told The Chicago Tribune. Basically, the app that sends you gentle self-care reminders throughout the day like to step away from your computer screen or take a walk.


This one is especially great if you travel for work a lot as it always helps you take care of yourself physically. It provides you with a workout (anything from yoga to strength training) through video-based tutorials either via online (for purchase) on your Mac or PC. You can also download the app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Acupuncture can do wonders for your stress, but you can’t always find a good acupuncturist especially on the road or if you are in a time crunch. Well, now there is an app for that! This app shows you over 90 acupressure point combinations via illustrated instructions. It works on Android and iOS devices.


All this app does is help you with your stress as well as anxiety and depression.  It records your emotions and allows you to track your progress. It then displays the results in a straightforward graph and organizes it into a spreadsheet.


Coloring books are all the rage right now as they are a great (and fun!) way for adults to relieve some stress in a productive way. But who wants to lug them around all the time along with everything else we have to carry? Well, luckily now they come in app form. It provides free coloring pages. All the fun with none of the extra stuff or having to explain that your bag is heavy because of your coloring books.

White Noise Ambience Lite

When traveling or just trying to get through a busy day, noise can be a big aggregator. This app gives you that wonderful white noise to calm you down.


Meditation has proven to be an effective tool for relieving stress as well as helping with productivity and general calmness. So why not get an app that can help you do it wherever you are. It only takes ten minutes a day and once you start using it regularly you will become a meditation pro (or at least skilled novice.)