8 Simple Ways To Get Your Best Sleep Ever


As entrepreneurs, quality sleep is extremely important. It’s become much too common to get little to no sleep every night, and that’s not healthy for anyone! Here are little ways to get better sleep for life.

Make Sleep As Important As That Business Meeting

Every day, you have a to-do list and you work so hard to finish everything on that list. So, put sleeping on that list. If you make sleep a priority, you’ll get it done!

No More Midnight Snacking

Eating too close to bedtime can actually make it very difficult to get to sleep, especially if you’re eating unhealthy, sugary snacks. Food consumption will trigger your body to be more awake, making it harder to fall asleep. It’s best to stop eating at least two hours before bedtime.


Turn off your phone and laptop – actually. For just two hours before bedtime, completely unplug from all devices. The light emitted from screens (even if you have a warm-light program activated) will tell your brain that it’s daytime, making it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Pro Tip: Unplugging your lights can also be helpful in signaling your brain that it’s nighttime.

Create An Oasis

Make sure your bedroom is a sleeper’s dream. It should be on the colder side and very dark. And don’t forget to add all of your comfiest blankets and pillows to make your bed as sleep-inducing as possible. Having a soothing space that you can easily fall asleep in will make routine sleep easy.

Stop Snoozing

Yes, it can be so so tough to refrain from hitting snooze over and over again in the morning. But, if you can set one alarm and get up immediately when it goes off, you’ll feel more refreshed and have an easier time getting up in the morning.

Stick To Morning Coffee Only

Consuming coffee after noon or 1pm could be detrimental to your quality of sleep. So, it’s best to drink coffee only in the morning, but if you really need it later, try just one cup as early in the afternoon as possible.

Get Out Of Bed

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, get up. Leave your room and do something else that’s mindless. Your bed should be a place where you sleep, nothing else. So if you’re laying in bed, tossing and turning, just get up and try again later.

Work It Out

Working out during the day is a great way to make your body tired, and can lead to easier sleep at night. But, be careful not to exercise too late in the evening, which can make you feel more awake.