Meet The Girl Who Is Revolutionizing Greeting Cards


When 14-year-old Skye Jones began noticing how insecure her friends were, she decided to use her passion for drawing to design greeting cards for the holidays as a way to make them feel better about themselves. Her hobby quickly became a successful business, Above The Skye.

“I wanted to create designs that helped girls and women feel more confident, secure and beautiful,” Skye says. “I wanted to spread the message that every girl in every color is beautifully made.”

Above The Skye’s greeting cards feature women of all shapes, sizes and races, and the messages are uplifting and encouraging – which is exactly what this world needs.

She also really loves taking care of animals so, she figured out a way to use her business to give back to animals all across the world. She recently adopted a tiger, and donates a portion of her profits to Fund for Animals.