7 Sustainable Retailers To Shop Right Now


Sustainability is fashion’s latest trend. More and more retailers are emerging as sustainably-conscious businesses in response to Millennials’ large demand for socially active companies. These companies are dominating the new trend.



Not only does Reformation create some of the chicest, retro-inspired pieces, but it also uses efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices. Plus they operate out of a green building. And – the best part – they keep track of their environmental impact the same way big companies keep track of financial impact!



It doesn’t get much better than Patagonia. The outdoor brand uses recycled materials, is fair trade certified and is constantly looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact through the materials and methods it uses. But, the company’s activism doesn’t end in its stores. The brand is always getting involved in environmental campaigns and movements to better the Earth.


Dedicated to linking together economy, social initiatives and the environment, Veja is one of the few shoe brands that is advocating for change. Their shoes are made from raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes. And they have a vegan line!

Credo Beauty

When it comes to clean beauty, nothing beats Credo. Their products are vetted and field tested before they reach the shelf. The U.S. only bans 30 ingredients from personal care products, as opposed to 600 in Canada. So, Credo is doing the regulation for you!  

Organic Basics


The mission behind Organic Basics is to create sustainable basics that have the least impact on the environment. Their pieces are amazing quality, and will last just about forever. This is because they use SilverTech in their clothing. SilverTech is “a polyamide fiber coated with silver and spun together with organic cotton.” It doesn’t disappear over time, ultimately allowing the fabric to last longer than other fabrics.



EDUN has taken sustainability and social change to a new level. The brand is focused on creating eco-friendly clothing, and fostering a meaningful relationship with Africa. EDUN works with manufacturers and artisans throughout Africa to create the unique pieces in its collections.



Working out has never felt so good. Now, your leggings can make a difference. Through job sourcing, ShareHope has created 1,700 jobs, and the brand has provided health education to 8,750 workers. Plus, all of ShareHope’s legging profits are donated to social programs in Haiti!