5 Ways To Continue Learning


Whether you’re just starting your career, or signing checks for your established business, it’s important to continue learning about the latest research and advancements within your industry. Here are five ways to do exactly that.

Take A Class

Taking a basic lecture course is a great way to learn what the modern techniques are in your line of work. You can visit your local community college or find a course online. Some great entrepreneurial topics to focus on are marketing, business management and finance.   

Listen To A Podcast

There are endless podcasts available today about every topic under the sun, from new ways to use tech to the latest trends in fashion marketing. Regardless of what you’re looking to learn, podcasts are a great place to start. “The Great Girlfriends” is great for female entrepreneurs looking for some great conversation and even better career advice.

Read The News

Business advances happen every day. So, what better way to learn about them than reading the daily news! And now there’s a news outlet for every topic, so you can find one that fits your industry, and start getting updates every day!

Turn To Social Media (Yes, really.)

All of your peers are on social media, and they’re sharing advice. Follow them and learn from them! Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell shares great insights on Twitter about running your own business. And don’t forget to follow yours truly for updates on entrepreneurship and marketing!   

Attend Conferences

A few times each year, your field’s professionals gather to discuss the latest trends and advances in your area of expertise. Join them! Attending conferences within your profession is a really fun way to continue learning, not to mention the great networking opportunity!