5 Tips On Successfully Negotiating Your Salary


A 2016 survey from Glassdoor found that 68 percent of women didn’t negotiate their salary. And if there’s anything we know about women in the workforce, it’s that they need more money. So, here are some of the best tips for asking for a salary – and actually getting it.

Don’t Underestimate Your Value

Knowing how much you’re worth is the number one step to a strong negotiation. Especially for women, being confident and “bragging” is difficult to do. But, it can be done and you have every right to do it. Need a pep talk? Casey Brown’s TED Talk will have you bragging to everyone you meet.

Be Able To Back Up Your Claims

If you’re claiming to be worth $55,000 you need to be able to prove it. If you’ve increased sales in the last three months, bring the charts to prove it. Employers are more likely to grant a larger salary if they can’t deny your contribution to the company.

Be Ready To Walk

Hear it from Ellen Pompeo herself, the key to negotiating a salary is your willingness to leave. Be ready to walk out if your employer is not willing to negotiate.


One of the number one rules in sales is to always aim high. If you ask for $5,000 more than what you actually want, you’ll either get more money than planned or you’ll negotiate down to what you initially wanted.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

There’s never any harm in rehearsing. Grab a mirror and practice your pitch. Make sure to focus on being brief, confident and making eye contact.