7 Must-Watch TED Talks From Entrepreneurs


TED Talks are inspiring, enjoyable and sometimes mind-blowing. But, they are also always educational. Especially as business owners, TED Talks can teach us some profound lessons on how to better achieve our goals. Here are some of the best talks to and from entrepreneurs.

How I became an entrepreneur at 66

Paul Tasner

Who says entrepreneurs have to be millennials? Paul Tasner tells the story of how he turned a sour firing into a journey to his dream job. And, now, he’s focused on making “70 Under 70” the new “30 Under 30.”

Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist

Maya Penn

What were you doing at age 8? Maya Penn was starting her own company. Now 18-years-old, Penn is an eco-designer, artist, animated filmmaker and author. In her 2013 TedWomen Talk, she shares her journey to success.

A simple birth kit for mothers in the developing world

Zubaida Bai

When Zubaida Bai learned that women in developing countries have limited access to proper child birthing tools, she was determined to help. So, she created a birth kit in a purse, and is bringing it to mothers across the world.

The surprising habits of original thinkers

Adam Grant

You’ll never believe the investment Adam Grant turned now. Listen to how his big mistake led him to identify some of today’s most successful thinkers.

Know your worth, and then ask for it

Casey Brown

So many women have trouble speaking up for themselves and expressing their worth to others. Casey Brown will teach you how to change that, and how to make your value known to everyone you work with.

How to speak up for yourself

Adam Galinsky

Knowing how and when to speak up for yourself is a tricky thing to master. Adam Galinsky understands that more than anyone. But, he’s discovered a few tricks to solve this equation, and he’s sharing them.

3 lessons on success from an Arab businesswoman

Leila Hoteit

For all women – in the U.S. and elsewhere – being a working mom is difficult and frowned upon by others. Leila Hoteit has fought the stereotype that mothers should stay home for years, and she has three tips for succeeding.